Why Us.

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We believe that great design means balancing form, function and footprint. We’ve worked hard to create beautifully efficient spaces that adapt to the diverse needs of families throughout New Zealand.

At Modhaven, we recognise it’s time for house construction in New Zealand to massively improve. We need to step up to the best standards of energy efficiency and sustainability to meet New Zealand’s commitment to the big goal of becoming Net Zero by 2050.

After careful research, product testing and consulting with leading building experts, we developed Modhaven’s innovative high-performance construction system. Designed for New Zealand conditions, we make the benefits of high-performance homes available and achievable for everyone. We believe all Kiwis deserve to have warm, healthy, dry and energy-efficient homes.

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Modern Builds.

Historically, New Zealand building standards have not always been up to scratch. We want to raise the standard of buildings available to people, especially for individuals building on a budget. We offer affordable, smaller living spaces with high-performance materials.

Our build process is a fast-assembled modular house made of ready-made factory elements of high-performance quality. With a modular home, you are not limited by its current size. As your family grows and your requirements change, you can add modules. You can increase your home to the size you need.

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High-Performance Homes.

New Zealand-made and locally manufactured, Modhaven homes utilise sustainable, high-performing materials while embodying a quality, high-end finish.

Building with Modhaven is building for a better future. Choosing to build a modular home offers endless opportunities. You can start with one unit, and expand to additional units as the family grows. Or these moveable homes can be transported to new sites.

Modhaven’s sustainably built, architecturally designed, healthy, high-performance homes are built with exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

We Deliver High-Performance Homes.

Superior Warmth & Comfort

Our high-performance insulation provides a warm, comfortable, healthy living environment.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Airtight construction ensures your home will stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Reduced Running Costs

Modhaven homes are energy efficient, reducing power and heating costs over the long term.

Sustainable Low Carbon Construction

Our production process maximises the use of building materials, and minimises CO2 emissions and waste going to landfill. 

Cyclone & Earthquake Resistant

Structural panel design ensures the ability to withstand earthquakes and cyclones better than standard timber frame structures.

Greener, Sustainable Living

We use green design and technology, utilising solar panels, rainwater harvesting, composting toilets and more.

Recyclable Materials

The insulation materials that we use are 100% recyclable and non-toxic.

Balanced Heat Recovery Ventilation

Modhaven homes all feature balanced heat recovery ventilation.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Our structural panels minimises noise transmission, creating a quieter home.

Healthier Living Space

Our comfortable, well-ventilated environment improves your overall health and well-being.

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