Embracing new technologies for sustainability can lead to a greener future

Let's rethink construction! Embracing new technologies for sustainability and energy efficiency can lead to a greener future.

At Modhaven High Performance Homes, we’re dedicated to creating sustainable architecture that benefits affordable housing in New Zealand. Our focus on energy-efficiency, low waste, and rapid assembly construction not only reduces costs for our clients but also contributes to a greener future.

How are we making change

Energy-efficiency is at the heart of our designs, with high performance insulation, airtightness, joinery, heat recovery ventilation, and air conditioning systems that use less energy. We also incorporate ENERGY Efficiency labeled appliances, and when needed can generate renewable energy on-site or purchase green power from local utilities.

off grid sloar panel

Creating a brighter future

We design our buildings for durability and using materials efficiently, our rapid construction system is designed to minimize waste during construction and maximise recycling at the end of the buildings life. We also reduce, reuse, and recycle materials to cut costs and improve building quality.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond energy and waste reduction. We use building materials that are responsibly sourced, can be recycled, and minimize waste. Indoor air quality is also a priority, with mechanical heat recovery ventilation (MHRV) installed in all our buildings, keeping the home fresh, dry, preventing mould and other harmful substances from taking root.

At Modhaven, we’re not just building homes; we’re building a sustainable future, one project at a time. Join us in our mission to make Net Zero Carbon homes a reality in New Zealand.

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