The Superior Strength of SIPs in the Event Earthquakes

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Read our blog on how structural insulated panels (SIPs) provide improved earthquake building standards in NZ, leaving you and your family with a safer home.

Using SIPs in the home has multiple benefits over traditional construction methods, including time-saving, energy efficiency, strength and many more. Not only are they beneficial in construction, but also the use of SIPs offers several benefits when it comes to withstanding damage in the event of an earthquake. This blog will explore why SIPs provide superior strength for earthquake-prone areas.

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Strong and Durable Building Material

Firstly, SIPs are recognised amongst building professionals for being extraordinarily strong and durable. The construction of SIPs is unique, consisting of a layer of rigid foam insulation sandwiched between two sheets of orientated strand board (OSB). When comparing individual studs/plasterboard walls to SIPs, the sandwich-like structure creates a much stronger panel than traditional wall systems.

Highly Ductile and Flexible

Secondly, SIPs excellent bracing properties and have exceptional ductility, which is the ability to take the shock out of a movement by allowing for non-permanent flex in the structure. SIPs’ ability to allow for small amounts of flex and movement in the structure significantly reduces the impact of a multi-directional earthquake. In comparison, rigid, brittle building materials like concrete fail abruptly in an earthquake and require extensive remediation or replacement.
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The Use of SIPs in New Zealand

A New Zealand study found that SIPs building systems provided suitable energy dissipation, ductility, strength and stiffness – enabling them to observe less damage during testing in comparison to traditional building construction methods.

Overall, SIPs are a recommended material when building an earthquake-resistant structure. In comparison to traditional materials, SIPs provide superior strength, durability and ductility.

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