Healthy Homes In New Zealand & Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels in Modhaven Homes - Your Start to a Healthier Home

Want to reduce energy costs? Find out why SIP panels are the ideal material for building a healthy home.

New Zealand is known as the land of the long white cloud, renowned for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor pursuits, however, the quality of housing in New Zealand has been a long-standing issue. The majority of New Zealand homes were built before modern building codes and insulation standards had been implemented, which has led to many homes having draughty and poorly insulated living spaces. Residents and renters often struggle with soaring energy bills over the colder winter months.

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What are Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)?

A solution to this issue is the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in newly built homes. SIPs are laminated composite structures. Typically made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane foam that is sandwiched between two layers of oriented strand board (OSB). These panels are highly versatile as they can be used for walls, floors and roofs.

Benefits of SIPs

The benefits of SIPS are clear. They are known for their high insulation value, strength, and durability. Homes that are constructed using SIPS are celebrated for offering improved energy efficiency, which ultimately results in significant cost saving on energy bills. Improved insulation is advantageous to making living spaces more comfortable, leading to fewer drafts and a more consistent temperature throughout the home. Many residents of homes built using SIPs have also reported improved indoor air quality, due to the tight seal of the panels. When combined with an efficient heat Recovery Ventilation System helps with moisture reduction, mould elimination and removing other air pollutants in the home.
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Structural insulated panels provide energy, efficiency cost savings and more comfortable living spaces (less drafts, and more consistent temperature). 

Structural insulated panels are an innovative solution that can lead to significant cost savings, and improved indoor air quality for residents. They provide a faster and less labour-intensive construction process, along with the durability and sturdiness of the finished product. When building a new home or renovating, SIPs are an attractive option.

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