From the Ground Up: Modhaven’s Surefoot System Elevates Homebuilding in the Age of Climate Change.

From the Ground Up: Modhaven’s Surefoot System Elevates Homebuilding in the Age of Climate Change.

At Modhaven, our commitment to excellence in construction is matched by our dedication to sustainability and climate resilience. With the reality of climate change upon us, we are proud to advocate for innovative solutions like the Surefoot concrete-free footing system—a game-changer in the industry. As your trusted construction expert advisors, let’s explore the advantages of Surefoot and why it is integrated into our high-performance homes.

What is Surefoot

Surefoot is an innovative concrete-free footing system, designed to provide a stable and durable foundation for various types of structures. It stands out in the construction industry for its eco-friendly and efficient approach, as it eliminates the need for traditional concrete footings. This system involves a steel base with multiple legs that can be adjusted and driven into the ground, creating a secure and robust foundation. Surefoot is particularly acclaimed for its rapid installation process, minimal environmental impact due to its reuse and recyclability, and its adaptability to a wide range of soil conditions. This makes it an ideal solution for projects aiming for sustainability, speed, and flexibility in construction.

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Elevating Climate Resilience

In our pursuit to deliver homes that stand the test of time and nature, Surefoot footings are an essential component. Their rapid installation capability allows our projects to progress swiftly and efficiently, even when faced with the unpredictable whims of weather patterns. More importantly, by eliminating the need for concrete and concrete is a significant contributor to CO2 emissions, we substantially cut down on the carbon emissions associated with traditional construction, supporting New Zealand’s ambitious environmental targets.

A Sustainable Footprint in Mitigation

At Modhaven, we believe that mitigation should not be an afterthought. Surefoot’s minimalistic approach aligns perfectly with our philosophy. It reduces the overall material demand, thus curtailing the environmental impact from the get-go. The ability to repurpose the footings aligns with our mission to promote sustainable living and reduce waste.

The Versatility in Managed Retreat

Managed retreat is a reality for some communities, and flexibility is key. Surefoot’s ingenious removability feature ensures that our Modhaven homes can adapt to this need. When relocation is necessary, the jackhammer connection allows for the non-invasive extraction and reapplication of the footings elsewhere—minimizing the ecological footprint of such transitions and providing a seamless solution for at-risk areas.

Rising Above the Flood

In flood-prone zones, elevating homes is not just a precaution—it’s a necessity. The Surefoot system grants us the ability to raise homes safely and sustainably. This foresight in design is part and parcel of Modhaven’s commitment to creating homes that are not only beautiful but also practical in the face of climate challenges.

Our Pledge as Modhaven High Performance Homes

We understand that constructing high-performance homes is more than just a business—it’s about safeguarding the future of our clients and the planet. Embracing the Surefoot footing system is a testament to our pledge to deliver homes that are resilient, sustainable, and adaptable. It’s an innovative answer to the pressing questions posed by climate change and a reflection of our ethos at Modhaven High Performance Homes.


In a world where change is the only constant, Modhaven homes, paired with the Surefoot system, provides the stability and reliability that form the foundations of not just homes, but also a more resilient tomorrow.

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